Board of Trustees Opening

The Board of Trustees of the Monroeville Public Library wishes to announce a vacancy on the library board.

The Board of Trustees meets once a month on the third Monday of the month at 5:00 PM. Regular attendance is required and is without compensation.  Trustees are required to live within the Monroeville Local School District.  

Individuals interested in serving as a library board member are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to the Board of Trustees, c/o The Monroeville Public Library, PO Box 276, Monroeville, Ohio  44847 by May 15, 2024, or drop off your letter to the library at 34 Monroe St, Monroeville, OH  44847 by the same date.

The letter of interest must include your name, telephone number and a statement of interest. Appointments will be recommended by the serving library board and must receive final approval from the Monroeville Schools Board of Education.